Landing Pages / case study GSI

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Golfsmith International is North America's largest golf specialty retailer operating over 160 stores (as of July 2016) and two e-commerce websites under the Golfsmith brand in the United States and Golf Town in Canada. During my time at GSI, I had the chance to put my UX skills to work by executing numerous projects that targeted the company's customer personas. By utilizing my skill set, I was able to provide our customers with a dynamic, responsive and improved user experience on every screen-based medium.


The golf industry is in decline, in order to stay profitable, Golfsmith international needs to constantly reaffirm its position as the “Golf Specialist” among its competitors. For many years the company struggled to keep up with the evolution of the www (e.g. non-responsive pages, poor branding, content, and narrative) which threatened the leading position on the golf retail market and image of the company. It was time for a change. One of my main ambition was to revisit the UI introducing more lifestyle pictures, testimonial from pros, encourage the visitors to watch the videos and significantly improve the SEO and UX.

Tools used

The result can only be as good as the tools available

Google Analytics

Demographics, Cohorts, User Personas.

IBM Analytics

On-page analytics, click rate, bounce, average time spent on the landing pages.


Video content management and Analytics. Ratio of visitors playing the videos, and for how long.


A/B Testing.

User Personas

After extensive research and the creation of 7 user personas, analytics proved that the youngest tier of Golfsmith's website visitors engage more with the langing pages than vith traditional product pages. They are also the ones more succeptible to browse using a mobile device.


Creating an extendable UI system

I decided to develop the template using Twitter Bootstrap’s Framework (css and js).

In my personal opinion Bootstrap is the most versatile responsive-framework with a fast learning curve allowing the designers of GSI to get used to code their pages quickly instead of slicing flat images in order to keep-up with the fast-paced work environment. Another deciding factor was that Bootstrap is widely used which will give an extra valuable skill to my team-mates as their career moves up.

The full set of blocks, used as needed, helped to fix the company’s identity crisis by creating a easy-to-the-eyes consistency across the different pages.


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

52% of the visits on the landing pages are made using hand held devices. However, those visits generate only 19% of the sales, which confirmed the urgency of creating responsive pages instead of table-based sliced photoshop designs.

A/B Testing

Optimisely is an extremely valuable tool allowing fast A/B test. In the case of the new product launches numerous test allowed us to prioritise content blocks (videos, specs, stats, testimonials, ...) in order to optimise the conversion rate.

Results / Feedback

By completely revolutionizing how we handled landing pages, we not only garnered praise from our vendors and affiliates, but also generated more conversions.